The Importance of picking your own Title Company

The Importance of Picking your own Title Company


Few consumers understand that the title company that performs the closing on their house may be the most important service provider in the entire transaction. Title companies investigate title, they examine title and they make the incredibly important title and closing decisions that have an enormous impact on your transaction. They need to be impartial. That means that they can never be related to your brokerage firm.

All home buyers remember that they have the right to shop for title insurance and to choose their own title agent or company.  There are many factors to consider when selecting a title insurance company, such as local expertise, service standards, market conduct and commitment to the community. Be sure to shop around and ask questions to make sure you’re comfortable with your title company.

Be Careful when using a title company that is affiliated with another service provider in your transaction.

Title companies owned by brokerages do not have to compete on service or price. Since most of their customers are steered to them by trusted Realtors, very few customers ask questions about price. And for the few savvy consumers who do ask, those firms will typically match the fees of the independent firms. But don’t fall for it. These are companies that were willing to overcharge you in the first place. Worse, their conflicts make these firms very unsavory choices. Consumers are not just overpaying. They are being subjected to conflicts of interests. In addition, these affiliated firms are not just hurting consumers, they are destroying competition in the title insurance industry. If you want to save money, receive truly unconflicted service and do your part to improve competition in this industry, select an independent title firm.

Seek out independent title firms that are like ours. We are a family run business with highly trained associates and we take the time and care to lead you through all the necessary steps. River City Abstract goes the extra mile to accommodate all of your needs. You will feel confident knowing that we will take care of you as if you are family.

Independent title firms truly compete on service and price. Rely on reviews and recommendations to locate your local Title firm. The attention to detail and care will be worth the time it will take to do the research.

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